Custom machine shop with decades of expertise

The history of Sahala Works Oy’s machine shop in Varkaus dates back to 1982. The colossal building is accessed through doors that match the width of the nearby Taipale Canal, as the shop was designed for the manufacture of large machinery. The size and weight of the finished products makes transporting them by boat the only option. The 1990s saw the shop break record after record building the largest evaporator plants in the world. The shop’s strategic location within easy access to the Taipale Canal and Lake Saimaa still gives it the ability to supply large machinery to customers anywhere in the world.


The shop has built equipment ranging from 0.5 m to 10.5 m in diameter and from 5,000 kg to 300,000 kg in weight. The shop’s crane capacity is around 120 tons in weight and 15 m in height, and it is home to the biggest turning-roll setup in Eastern Finland. The roll bender is capable of processing metal sheets as thick as 80 mm. The shop’s welding equipment has also been upgraded in recent years. Its sturdy, modern machines, capacity of more than 85,000 man-hours per year, and efficient logistics give the shop the ability to flexibly deliver large and complex products as well.

Sahala Works’ custom-built products include, among others, the following:

  • Black liquor evaporators
  • Lime kilns / sector coolers
  • Debarking drums
  • Digesters and other process industry equipment

Sahala Works has a long history as a custom machine shop. We are known for our high-quality workmanship and reliability. We have solid experience in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, and we know the special requirements of energy and industrial processes inside and out. Continuous improvement is an important part of our business, and we never compromise on serving our customers flexibly and expertly throughout the supply chain.

The maximum dimensions of a finished one-piece product are as follows:

  • diameter 12.5 m
  • length 40 m
  • weight 400 t

Our process equipment has a temperature range from -50 to +500 ⁰C and withstands up to 400 bar of pressure, allowing for wall thicknesses in excess of 100 mm.