Custom-built products

Our machine shop in Varkaus makes custom-built products for power plants, the wood processing industry, and the petrochemical industry. Our main markets are in Europe and South America.

Sahala Works’ custom-built products include, among others, the following:

  • Black liquor evaporators
  • Lime kilns / sector coolers
  • Debarking drums
  • Digesters and other process industry equipment


Sahala Works makes evaporators for customers such as Andritz and Valmet. Andritz uses lamella evaporators, while Valmet’s evaporators are of a tubular design. Evaporators made by Sahala Works have been incorporated into numerous pulp mills all over the world.


Sahala Works has a long tradition of making columns for a range of industries, including, for example, the petrochemical industry and the paper industry. The largest column we have built weighed over 400 tons.

Feed water tanks

Our structural solutions for feed water tanks are the result of long-term product development. The cascade-type and filter-based deoxygenation and degasification systems, as well as the entire feed water tank, are all individually designed and dimensioned to match each plant’s specific requirements.

Steam accumulators

Steam accumulators are a key component of industrial steam systems. They can be used to smooth out peaks and troughs in demand for steam and to manage unexpected malfunctions by increasing the steam volume in the network, or by storing surplus steam. A steam accumulator can also function as a short-term power reserve when steam production is interrupted.
Steam accumulators are designed and dimensioned in accordance with the steam network’s process-technical requirements and plant-specific production strategies. This ensures that the construction of the accumulator is fit for purpose, cost-effective, and functions reliably even after decades of pressure variations.

Debarking drums

Sahala Works designs and builds robust debarking drums for wood processing. The largest drums we have supplied have been more than 60 meters long. The surface and support structures of our drums are designed to be durable and capable of operating in a range of conditions, in addition to which they are highly suitable for the renovation of existing drum installations.